Results from 2014 AQHA World Show

AQHA World Show Results

Talk about success! Namgis made headway this year at the AQHA World Show with three awesome horses. All three horses made it back to the finals and earned Namgis several more World titles!

Namgis D 14 (Annie) was shown by Bobby Lewis and was qualified in the Jr. Tie-down, Jr. Heading and Jr. Heeling. After the prelims, she made it back to both the Heading and the Heeling! In the Jr. Heading finals, Annie scored a 211.2 and was placed 8th! There was some tough competition as she scored a 217.0 in the Heeling finals and was placed 11th. Annie sparked a lot of interest and had a lot of people talking after her amazing performance with Bobby Lewis. Annie's 8th Place in the Jr. Heading brought home a logo-ed AQHA jacket and top 10 patch and an 8th Place medallion.

Kylie Ward was also incredibly successful with both Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) and Namgis D33 (Chongo) in the Jr. Barrel Racing. Wolfie and Kylie had two great runs, coming in at a 16.736 in the prelims and a 16.332 (+5) in the finals. Unfortunately they hit a barrel in the finals and were knocked out of the top. As for Chongo, he and Kylie smoked the competition, running a 16.736 in the prelims and a 16.165 in the finals, which was the fastest time for both the prelims AND finals of the Jr. Barrel Racing! We are so proud of Kylie and Chongo, their combined score had them placed 3rd in the World! They brought home a custom designed bronze AQHA trophy and medallion, a specially designed logo-ed jacket and Top 10 patch as well as Professional's Choice sports medicine boots.

We are so proud of our Namgis horses and are looking forward to qualifying next year!

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