Namgis Horses Make SHOT Debut; Barrel Horse Update

Namgis Horses Make Their Stock Horse of Texas Debut in San Angelo

For Namgis' debute in SHOT Jeremy and Keylee Levi took Namgis D 14 (Annie) and Namgis D 22 (Zannie) who have shown real promise in making excellent versatility horses. Jeremy Levi showed in the cow horse class with Zannie, Namgis D 22, who is a four year old mare that is truly a versatile horse as she has been patterned in barrel racing, is a finished calf horse and has now been in training for ranch horse competitions. Keylee rode Annie, Namgis D 14, in all of the classes: cow horse, reining, ranch trail and ranch pleasure. We were happy with their performance at their first show with some high scores and are excited to see how they do at the next one in Bryan, TX October 3-4.

Here are some highlights of the show!

Kylie Gives an Update on Barrel Horses' Progress

Kylie Ward-Rogers has been pretty busy lately juggling PRCA rodeos, qualifying for the AQHA World Show, finishing out the futurity year for our four year olds, and preparing the three year olds for next year's futurities. She just came back from a PRCA event in Hill City, KS where she and Wolfie ended up splitting 2nd and 3rd place. We asked her for an update on how the horses in training with here are doing and here is what she says about them.

"We split 2nd and 3rd at Hill City, KS. Just getting Wolfie in a different setting- pro rodeo. He is doing great and handles the atmosphere like an old horse. The colts (three year olds) are being hauled to jackpots at least twice a week. They are making progress and finding out their own styles." Namgis D 35 (Pipewrench) and Namgis D 38 (Prissy) are on track and we are adding speed. Namgis D 33 (Chongo) already has the speed and I am just tuning up before I go to a jackpot. Namgis D 32 (Cupcake) is getting more consistant every day."


Weaning the 2013 Crop, Namgis D 45 on the Ranch, Wolfie Qualifies for AQHA World Show

Starting to Wean this Year's Foal Crop

The 2013 foal crop is growing up nicely and it is time now to start weaning and halter breaking the colts and fillies. This year we have thirteen foals, and have added some new blood into our breeding program with two foals by Valiant Hero and one by Dash Ta Fame. We have a mix of cow, barrel, and race bred prospects in this crop and they are all looking great so far.

Lindsay is starting to halter break the first group of four weanlings and over the next couple of week they will learn to lead, load, tie, pick their feet up, and get a foundation for their later training. This first group is doing great and are proving to have the gentle disposition and great mind that Dude passes on.

The 2013 Colt out of Four Dee Rose Bud Learning to Pick Up His Feet
July Newsletter 005

The 2013 Colt out of JP Dale Rio Getting His First Bath
July Newsletter 001

What Do We Expect of Our Three Year Olds? Namgis D 45 at Work.

We have a strategy for making great horses on the ranch; we start the two year olds right and when they turn three we just go ahead and treat them like a broke ranch horse. For example, last week we had a bull get out and used one of our three year olds to pen him. Namgis D 45 is a bay gelding by Dude out of Four Dee Rose Bud and he is one of the horses that we use a lot out on the ranch. Take a look at what we have been up to on this gelding.

Keylee on Namgis D 45 Driving a Bull out of the Water
DSCN0574 - Copy

Jeremy and Namgis D 45 Working in the Arena

Breakaway Roping on Namgis D 45

Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) Qualifies for Barrels at the World Show

Kylie and Wolfie are adding to their resumes again by qualifying for this year's AQHA World Show in Barrels. They have gathered ten points in the past two weeks to easily qualify for this year's show, with Wolfie getting three class wins in the process. We continue to be impressed with his ability to handle a wide variety of arenas and show up ready to run every time he is entered. Look for more to come with him and our other futurity horses as their futurity season picks back up next month and they continue to progress in their careers.


Kylie and Wolfie Both Win Their First PRCA Rodeo

Kylie and Wolfie Win PRCA Rodeo in Woodward, OK

Do our futurity horses have what it takes to compete on the PRCA circuit? The answer is yes! Take a look at Wolfie's first PRCA run last night at the Woodward Elks Rodeo where he won with a 17.10! This gelding puts together the great mind and athleticism that defines what we are trying to produce, and of course when you add in the talent of Kylie Ward-Rogers the result is pretty special!

Here is Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) and Kylie Ward-Rogers at the PRCA Rodeo in Woodward, OK with their winning run!

Around the Ranch

Jeremy and Keylee have finished riding all the two year olds for the summer and are now starting to focus their training on the older horses. This last week was good for the three and four year olds as we used them to sort bulls off of and with the cooler weather they were able to get some more roping training done. Also be sure to watch, as here in the near future, Jeremy and Keylee have several horses they are getting ready to show at some Ranch Horse/SHOT shows.

Jeremy Levi on Namgis D 22 (Zannie) Working on Boxing

Keylee Levi on Namgis D 14 (Annie) Working on Ranch Horse Pleasure

This is the best part of our horses... being versatile! Here is Namgis D 19 (Dale) who has been in training and competitively competing in barrel racing with Kylie and here is Jeremy Levi sorting bulls off of him. You can gurantee with our horses that they are the best and you can go do anything off of them!


Dude is the 3rd Leading Money Earner Barrel Futurity Sire;Working the Ranches

Bucks Hancock Dude 3rd in Futurity Barrel Racing Sires and Kylie Ward-Rogers 2nd Leading Rider in Barrel Futurity Money Earned!

We are late seeing this but in the magazine SPEEDHORSE as of March Bucks Hancock Dude is the third leading barrel futurity sire with $58,447 of offspring earnings! Since then he has had offspring win around $15,000 bringing it to $73,000 for this year. We are also excited to mention that our very own Kylie Ward-Rogers is one of the leading 2013 riders being ranked second in the nation! We are so lucky to have such an amazing team and are keeping up the hard work to finish the year strong.


Working the Ranches

The key to our training program for our horses is the solid foundation we are able to put on them by using them on the ranch. There is always work that needs to be done if its gathering, branding and doctoring cattle to fixing fence or checking pastures we do it all on our horses. We have three ranches, the Cowden Ranch, Wilson Ranch and the Santa Cruz Ranch. All of them are cow-calf and stocked mainly with Angus but we also have some Santa Gertrudis and F1’s. This week everyone one on the team has been busy helping work cattle and gathering bulls at all the ranches.

Bringing an End to the Drive

Jeremy Levi on Namgis D 26

Piper and Lindsay on Namgis D 22

All the Boys Making a Game Plan


Wolfie Debutes in Rodeo; Meet Our New Hand

Kylie and Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) Pick Up a Paycheck

This last week was successful for Kylie Ward-Rogers and Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) as they competed in three different rodeos making good times and picking up a check. We are excited with how Wolfie performed as this was his first time to compete outside of the futurity circuit and in a rodeo. The first one was in Canadian, TX at their annual 4th of July Rodeo where Wolfie ended up second and picked up a check for $1,000.00. Their next stop was in Hinton, OK at the IPRA Kiwanis Club Rodeo where he ended up 4th and then his last rodeo was in Wellington, TX where he was a front runner until hitting a barrel. We are very pleased with these results and are anxious to see how he does at some more rodeos. Kylie's and Wolfie's next stop will be Woodward, OK July 17-20 to compete at the Woodward Elks Rodeo.

Here is Namgis D 15 (Wolfie) and Kylie Ward-Rogers at the Canadian 4th of July Rodeo with their second placing run.


Around the Ranch

Jeremy and Keylee had a full week on the ranch with a lot of cattle work to do. They brought some heifers in to palpate with the help of Namgis' handiest, little cowgirl Piper Sigman. Piper is Stan's granddaughter and daughter of ranch manager Spicer. She has a huge passion for horses and is getting to the age where she helps us out a lot on the ranch. She is starting to go to some play days, barrel racing and pole bending. Plan on seeing her more often as she is wanting to compete more and to continue getting a hands on education in ranch management.

Our handy little cowgirl Piper Sigman
Piper and Spicer 013

Jeremy and Piper bringing up the tail end of the herd
Piper and Spicer 022

Spicer and Jeremy making a plan for the gather
Piper and Spicer 006


Jeremy and Keylee Visit Kylie in Oklahoma; Three Prospects Head to Idaho

Jeremy and Keylee Travel to Addington to Get Familliar with Barrel Training Program

Last week Jeremy and Keylee took a trip up to Kylie Ward's where they were able to see how the barrel futurity horses and the barrel prospects were doing. Right now Kylie is getting Wolfie, Namgis D 15 and Dale, Namgis D 19 ready for the Summer Shootout that will be held August 15-19, the Bar Nothing Barrel Bash at Judd Little’s September 25-29 and the BFA World Championship December 9-14 which will close their futurity year. We are eager to see these geldings finish their season strong as they are both exceptional!

Jeremy on Dale and Kylie on Namgis D 35 (aka Pipewrench)
Kylie and Jeremy

Keylee on Dale
Keylee and Namgis D 19

Kylie on Pipewrench
Kylie and Namgis D 35

Three Year Old Futurity Prospects Doing Great with Kylie

Kylie has also started on five Namgis futurity prospects that she has approximately 90 to 120 days on. There is Namgis D 38 a nicely put together bay filly who is quick on her feet and fast around the barrels , Namgis D 32 a really attractive buckskin filly that is proving to be just as talented as her brother Dale, Namgis D 35 a good looking gelding that is a full brother to Wolfie and showing just as much talent and Namgis D 33 and 39 who we are anxious to watch as they are out of AAA mares and will be the first of their Dams offspring to be raced in barrels.

Namgis D 55, 29 and 47 Headed to Idaho

Along with their trip to Kylie’s Jeremy and Keylee took three horses with them to Oklahoma which will be making their way to Idaho to their new home! We are so glad to see these horses go to the Fox family as we have high hopes for what they can accomplish with these horses and are glad to see our horses go into the northern part of the country. They bought Namgis D 55 which is one of our favorites and one of the most promising out of the two year old crop for barrel racing. We will also be saying good bye to Namgis D 29 and Namgis D 47 who will be used on their ranch and be finished in roping.

Namgis D 55, 2011 Gelding by Dude out of Snaps Shot


Riding for the Brand: Freeze Branding the Two Year Olds

Riding for the Brand

It is that time of year again at Namgis Quarter Horses...time to brand the two year old crop. We take branding our horses very seriously, only branding those that live up to our high expectations. The way we see it, our brand is a lasting endorsement of each horse and our commitment to producing exceptional performance horses.

This is Namgis D 73 and we believe that he represents the Namgis program well. He is a gelding by Dude out of the mare Seven S Sable.


We freeze brand rather than hot brand our horses. They each get the Namgis windmill on their left shoulder and depending on the color of the horse the freeze brand allows us to either leave a scar or white hair from the brand. On a bay horse like this one we leave the brand on for around 12 seconds so that he will grow white hair back in a windmill pattern.

Namgis Feeze Branding 003

Here we are placing a year brand along the horse's tail. The number one represents the year 2011 in which this colt was born. If the brand is on the left then the colt is by Dude, if it is on the right the colt is sired by another stallion. We hold this brand on a little longer in order to leave less hair and more scar for the number.

Namgis Feeze Branding 002

Here is our finished product. Over the next few weeks the brand will heal over and grow in white hair. If you see this brand you can be sure that he horse meets our high standards of having good looks, a great mind, high level of trainability and athleticism.

Namgis Feeze Branding 005

Next Crop of Barrel Horses Progressing Well, Much Needed Rain in Hondo

Broodmare Spotlight: Marthas Wrangler

Marthas Wrangler is a nine year old mare who has shown very promising offspring for barrel racing, she is by First Wrangler and out of a Marthas Six Moons mare. Marthas Wrangler has won over $23,000 and has a speed index of 93. So far she has had four foals here at the ranch, the oldest one being a four year old mare that has been sold and is headed to California to continue her barrel racing career. All of her offspring are athletic, smart, fast and have excellent conformation thus making them rise to the top. We are excited to watch her foals grow to compete and are anxious to watch them in the barrel racing futurities.

Here is a video of Marthas Wrangler’s three year old, Namgis D 38, this week showing a lot of promise for next year’s barrel futurities! Kylie reports that Prissy, as we call her, is showing the most talent out of the three year old crop at this point.

The up and coming foals out of Marthas Wrangler are some of the most eye catching on the ranch. Take a look at the yearling gelding and this year’s colt out of Wrangler. Both of these guys are by Dude, making them full brothers to Prissy.

MarthasWrangler2012 MarthasWrangler2013Web

Around the Ranch

With several inches of rain over the last week the ranch is doing great! The horse pastures are filled with knee deep grass and we will be able to get more hay this year then we have in the past. Here at Namgis Quarter Horses we grow and cut all of our hay to ensure that our horses are getting the nutrients they need for proper growth and bone density. All of our pastures and hay fields are irrigated Tifton 85, but it sure is nice getting enough rain to not have to supplement with irrigation.

Jeremy and Keylee are still evaluating the two year old crop, using them on the ranch to move cattle and getting a good feel for what each horse will excel at. This way in the fall they can be aimed toward the areas in which they will perform the best. We will have a variety of barrel prospects, roping prospects and several horses that will be pointed toward Stock Horse of Texas events.


New Team Members and Spring Futurity Wrap Up

What a year 2013 has been so far at Namgis Quarter Horses! This has been a year of growth around the ranch and we have made some great additions to the Namgis team. We would like to welcome Jeremy and Keylee Levi to the ranch. Jeremy Levi is our new head trainer and Keylee Levi is our new intern for the summer. To learn more about them check out our updated Team page.

Spring Barrel Futurity Wrap Up

With the spring barrel futurities coming to a close we have gotten a good sense of what kind of barrel horses Dude might produce. Leading the crop is Namgis D 15 who has collected checks for over $70,000 this year with solid runs in every event he was hauled to. Wolfie as we call him finished up the spring with a solid run at the Old Fort Days Futurity where he qualified for the finals by running 21st out of 342 horses and ended up 29th in the finals while earning $2,503.34.

Around the Ranch

Down at the ranch Jeremy and Keylee are jumping right in and evaluating the three and four year olds that we still have here in Hondo. They are excited at the prospects of some of these young horses to participate in Stock Horse of Texas events. These competitions highlight ranch pleasure, working cow horse, reining, and ranch trail resulting in a well rounded horse that can perform in the show ring as well as on the ranch. Learn more about the Stock Horse of Texas at and look for some Namgis horses at upcoming SHOT shows.

Jeremy Levi at a SHOT Show Competing in the Working Cow Horse Class


Namgis D 15 wins over $28,000 in Buckeye

Winning in Buckeye, AZ

Our first crop of barrel horses are off and running with the first few of Dude’s offspring heading to Arizona earlier this month to compete in the Classic Equine and Greg Olsen Memorial. We have had high hopes for these horses and are now able to see the first of what our program is producing.

Kylie & Namgis D 15 win big in Buckeye

The best performer of the week for us was Namgis D 15 (Bucks Hancock Dude x Central Station). Kylie Ward rode him to win the Classic Equine Slot Race, place in each go, and take 3rd in the average for the Futurity. The following week he ran in the Greg Olsen Memorial picking up checks in each go and taking 8th in the average. Overall, he collected winnings of $28,818.58 while in Buckeye, AZ. Kylie also ran Namgis D 19 to collect a check in the Classic Equine Futurity. In the coming months Kylie will be hauling to Old Fort Days, the Lance Graves Pro Classic, and Diamonds and Dirt among others to continue the four year old campaign for these horses.

Read all about the win in the Barrel Racing Report

Namgis D 15 making winning run at Classic Equine Slot Race:
Kylie has started the next crop of Namgis 3 year olds on barrels as of last month, taking Namgis D 28, Namgis D 35, and Namgis D 39 home to the Youree Ranch to begin training. In the coming months she will evaluate these young horses as well as the rest of the Namgis 3 year olds and get them started on their barrel careers.

Around the Headquarters

Meanwhile, here in Hondo the new year means that it is time to start the latest group of two year olds. Doug and new Namgis trainer Matt Elliott have the first six horses going well and are already exposing them to the ranch, using them to check cows and doing a lot of long rides at the headquarters. John Rothwell and Boe Brown are working on the three and four year olds, preparing them to either begin their barrel racing training or working them toward a roping career.

Breeding and foaling season is about to get underway and we are excited about some additions to the broodmare band. We have added some new running blood with daughters of Mr. Jess Perry and Valiant Hero, as well as a half sister to great stallions Stoli and Pappasito and expect these mares to make a positive contribution to our breeding program. Look for them to be added to our bloodlines page in the near future.



Summer Updates and Cody Ohl Roping Clinics

Around The Headquarters

It has been a hot summer and we are looking forward to the potential of cooler weather in the near future. All of the two year olds have been broke and have had 30 rides put on them by Doug. They will stay turned out until the fall and then go back into training through the winter and spring. Kylie Ward still has seven Namgis horses in barrel training and continues to be pleased with their progress. We have spots in several futurities coming up, so look for Namgis horses to start making their mark in the barrel racing world. We have also started weaning the 2012 foal crop and getting them all gentled and halter broken. Like the crops before them overall Dude’s offspring are proving to be really sensible horses that are fast learners.

Cody Ohl Partnership

Earlier this summer we announced a new partnership with six-time World Champion Cody Ohl. As we finalize the details of this exciting new project we will continue to keep everyone updated as to what to expect. Right now we are happy to announce that Cody will be hosting roping clinics in the future at Namgis Quarter Horses. This is really great news because it is the first time that Cody has agreed to teach a roping school or clinic live. Namgis Quarter Horses is proud to have formed this partnership and to be able to host such great events with Cody. Keep checking the website and newsletters for dates to be set for these upcoming events.

Be on the lookout for this trailer heading down the road.
Namgis Quarter Horses and Cody Ohl Partner Up

This is Cody’s trailer with its new Namgis Quarter Horses logo. He has been busy on the road this summer and is having a fantastic run lately. With current PRCA earnings of $73,058.00, he has risen to 5th in the Tie-Down Roping standings; after only 44 rodeos that is an average of over $1,660.00 per rodeo. He has also just passed the $3 million mark in career earnings. It looks as if he is set up to have a really big year.

Hope everybody has been having a great summer. Look for more news on our horses in training and new partnerships in the coming months.


"Namgis D 15 is no doubt a natural." ~ Kylie Ward

Update: The Namgis Barrel Horses

The group of Namgis barrel prospects that we sent to Kylie Ward are about six weeks into training and they are doing super! We asked Kylie for her impressions of them and this is what she said:

"Right now is when fundamentals are built, but with the prior breaking, these colts are ahead of the game. Each horse is different, but they are smart and catching on very quickly. Training is only part of this business - enjoying the horse you step on and seeing progress everyday is the best part. Their willingness to learn is remarkable."

"Furthermore, the journey has begun. In just a short period of time these horses are ready to haul and see the sights. As of now, I am exhibitioning each horse at a slow to medium pace, and allowing each individual to acquire their own feel of the pattern so that when adding speed, it will become natural."

"Namgis D 15 is no doubt a natural. A bit mature for his age, he already knows his job. I would like to say that his ability and talent is my favorite thing (which goes without saying is at the top) but his kind eye and eagerness to please is by far his greatest attribute."

"Namgis D 25 is a different kind of horse compared to Namgis D 15, in many ways. The major difference is his conformation. This little horse is more cow horse bred and naturally gathers himself for a turn. As a trainer, having a horse know where to put his/her feet only allows me to go on to the next step in training more quickly; consequently in his case, producing a naturally quick-footed barrel horse willing to give a 100 percent every time. "

"Each horse in training is learning at a different speed. But as it is, they are all learning astonishingly fast. I couldn't be happier with the progress!"


Namgis Announces New Partnerships

Around The Headquarters

2012 Namgis Invitational Champion - Cimarron Boardman

Our annual Namgis Invitational calf roping is over, and once again we are extremely happy with the results. The quality of roping was second to none and we were able to raise $25,850 to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. Our 2012 Champion was Cimmaron Boardman who walked away with a payout of $7,909 after an impressively consistent performance over all three rounds.

Namgis D66
Namgis D64
The foaling and breeding season is over and we are happy to have foaled seventeen healthy new colts and fillies this year. Overall it is a great crop and so exciting to see them start to grow and change in the first few months of their lives.

We have some exciting changes coming at Namgis Quarter Horses, beginning with two new additions that have recently been made to the Namgis program.

Barrel Horse Trainer Kylie Ward Joins Namgis
Kylie Ward has agreed to prepare Namgis barrel prospects for upcoming futurities and currently has eight horses in training at her facility in Oklahoma. Kylie comes from the great barrel racing family of grandparents Dale and Florence Youree, founding members of the BFA and two of the best barrel horse trainers that the sport has ever seen. They passed their knowledge and passion for the sport down through the next two generations and the result is a family that carries on in the sport at the highest level. Already in her career Kylie Ward is a 2-time National High School Finals Rodeo Qualifier, 2007 Oklahoma High School State Finals Barrel Racing Champion, 2-time College National Finals Rodeo Barrel Racing Qualifier, 2009 Sherry Lynn Johnson Barrel Racing Champion.

We have begun this partnership by sending eight of our three and four year old barrel prospects to her. She is currently riding Namgis D 12, Namgis D 15, Namgis D 18, Namgis D 19, Namgis D 22, Namgis D 25, Namgis Blond, and Namgis Station.

Namgis Partners with  6X World Champion - Cody Ohl

Cody Ohl and his son Blake at Namgis QH

Cody Ohl is someone who needs no introduction to rodeo fans. The eleven-time NFR qualifier, five- time World Champion, and World Record holder is a rodeo legend. Several weeks ago Cody and his son Blake visited Namgis Quarter Horses, rode some calf roping prospects, and learned a little about our breeding and training program.
We now are proud to announce that Namgis Quarter Horses is teaming up with Cody and as a result of this partnership will have some exciting announcements in the coming months. With Cody’s skill, knowledge, and reputation in the rodeo world we are sure that he will be a great addition to our program. 
We Hope You All Have A Fantastic 4th of July!

Happy New Year From Namgis QH!

Around The Headquarters

Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a great holiday season and are looking forward to what 2012 will bring. At Namgis Quarter Horses we are excited about the coming year and the growth that our program will continue to achieve.

Foaling season is just around the corner with the first mare due in early February. It is exciting to see the products of last year’s breeding arrive. Over the past several years we believe that we have put together an exceptional group of broodmares, and have identified which types of mares cross well with Dude. We have been very happy with the resulting foals and hope that this year is the same.

Namgis Two-Year-Olds
Click for Details: Namgis D 27 (Dude X Lenas Sweet Dream) being ridden by Doug Schrutka
Click for Details: Namgis D 15 (Dude X Central Station) being ridden by Doug Schrutka

The new year has Doug busy with a new set of two year olds to start. He has taken the first group of them to the ranch and will put 30 rides on each one this spring.

Doug is pictured above reviewing some things with Namgis D27 at the headquarters arena. Namgis D27 is by Dude and out of Lenas Sweet Dream.

Namgis Three & Four Year Olds
John Rothwell riding Namgis D12 and Boe Brown riding Namgis D14

The young horses are still coming along nicely. John and Boe have been splitting their time between the ranch and the arena, getting the three year olds started on the barrel pattern and starting to break away rope a little bit. Raymond is continuing on with the four year olds at the ranch, he has begun working them out of the box in the past few weeks.

Wounded Warrior Project
Doug and Lindsay leading one of the Wounded Warriors.

We are very fortunate to be participating in projects with the Military Warriors Support Foundation, and this past month hosted day at the Namgis Arena. Several young veterans attended and enjoyed lunch followed by an afternoon of horseback riding. It was an honor to be able to thank these young men for their service and to take part in such a great project. They went on to the ranch and had a great weekend of hunting and fishing after leaving the arena.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope 2012 is the best one yet!


Namgis Training Program in Full Swing

Around The Headquarters

The last of our trainers have arrived here at Namgis Quarter Horses and now all of the young horses are back in work. The hundred degree days are over, the mornings are chilly, and the horses are feeling great.

Namgis Two-Year-Olds
Click for Details: Namgis D 15 (Dude X Central Station) being ridden by Doug Schrutka

Doug is just finishing up with the last few two year olds he has been riding out on the ranch. These horses were started in the spring and then turned out over the summer, so he has been putting 20 more rides on each one. Currently he is riding Namgis D 27, Namgis D 22, Namgis D 23, Namgis D 12, Namgis D 20, Namgis D 26, and Namgis D 14.

We are very happy to welcome Boe back for his second year at Namgis Quarter Horses. Once Doug is finished putting his foundation on the two year olds they move on to be ridden by Boe. He is preparing them to begin tracking calves, continuing to teach them their leads and to neck rein, and riding out on the ranch. Right now Boe is riding Namgis Blond, Namgis D 15, Namgis D 13, and Namgis D 25. He says they are all really quiet and coming along well and will be ready to take to the arena soon to start tracking some calves.

Namgis Calf Roping Horses
Click for Details: Namgis D 19 (Dude X Snaps Shot) being ridden by John Rothwell
Namgis D 19 (Dude X Snaps Shot) being ridden by John Rothwell

John Rothwell arrived mid-month and has begun riding Namgis Station, Namgis D 19, Namgis D 15, Namgis D 18, and Take off Sixth. John has always been a frequent visitor to Namgis Quarter Horses, and we are excited that he has joined our team. Regarding the horses that he is riding, John says that they are all really well broke and he is pleased with how they are doing so far.

Click for Details: Namgis D 9 (Dude X IR Queens Fool) being ridden by Raymond Hollabaugh
Namgis D 9 (Dude X IR Queens Fool) being ridden by Raymond Hollabaugh

Raymond is still riding Dude and the three year olds. The three year olds continue to make good progress, and Raymond has begun to tie a few calves down on them. He says that they will be ready to introduce to the box in the next few weeks and is pleased with how they are coming along. We were happy to have 2004 NFR Champion calf roper Monty Lewis visit this month and rope a few calves on Dude. Raymond has Dude looking fit and ready to go, and Monty had a great time on him.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving and has a Merry Christmas!


Fall Excitement at Namgis Quarter Horses

Around The Headquarters

We are getting into a busy time of year here at Namgis Quarter Horses. With the cooler weather and some much needed rain arriving in South Texas, everyone is in great spirits and excited about working the horses again. The majority of the horses in training have been enjoying a break being turned out for the hottest part of the summer.

2011 Namgis Colts from left to right: (1) Dash Ta Fame x Sompin Blond (2) Dude x Shoemakers Gal (3) Dude x Belew Lady Raider
Left to right: (1) Dash Ta Fame x Sompin Blond (2) Dude x Shoemakers Gal (3) Dude x Belew Lady Raider

Lindsay has gotten all of the 2011 foals weaned and has been working to get them all halter broken and gentled. “It is nice to start to see a pattern in Dude’s foals,” Lindsay said about the weanlings. “This is his fourth crop and you start to notice things about their disposition as a group even from a young age. The majority of them are friendly and want to be really people-oriented even if they haven’t been handled yet. Overall they are highly trainable and catch on to things very quickly. It isn’t often that I feel like I can halter a colt for the first time one day and tie him up the next day without worrying about him. With Dude’s get they are just that sensible.”

Namgis Two-Year-Olds
Click for Details: Namgis D 15 (Dude X Central Station) being ridden by Doug Schrutka
Namgis D 15 (Dude X Central Station) being ridden by Doug Schrutka
Click for Details: Namgis D 15 (Dude X Central Station) being ridden by Doug Schrutka

Doug has begun to put another 20 rides on each of the two-year-olds. He started them last spring, put 30 rides on each one, and turned them out to mature over the summer. Right now he is riding Namgis D 13, Namgis D 18, Namgis D 19, Namgis D 25, and Take Off Sixth. “I was a little curious to see how the two-year-olds were going to ride since some of them haven’t been ridden in 9 or 10 months,” Doug said regarding their progress. “Now that I’ve got 10 more rides on this group I am really pleased to see how much training they have retained. I would accredit that to a couple of things. First, it looks like Dude is passing his disposition and trainability to these colts. Second, the foundation that we are able to put on them at the ranch is ideal. The focus here is all about the horse, and the riding conditions on Santa Cruz Ranch are great. We have access to the entire ranch, cattle to ride through, and the Hondo Creek to ride. All of this makes for a great atmosphere for these young horses.”

Namgis Calf Roping Horses
Click for Details: Namgis D 4 (Dude X Belew Lady Raider) being ridden by Raymond Hollabaugh
Namgis D 4 (Dude X Belew Lady Raider) being ridden by Raymond Hollabaugh

Raymond Hollabaugh arrived at the first of October to begin working the three-year-olds, and we are happy to have him as an addition to the Namgis team. Right now he is riding Namgis D 2, Namgis D 4, Namgis D 8, Namgis D 9, and Namgis D 10. He has also been getting Dude legged up and roping a few calves on him. When asked how he likes the three-year-olds, Raymond says that they are doing extremely well. “Doug has these horses so broke when he gets through with them you can go on and do whatever you want on them,” Raymond said. He is also very happy with how Dude is riding, adding “Dude is doing great. That is one of the most broke horses I’ve ever been on. You can tell that horse just does whatever you want him to do. I know he has won a lot at AQHA shows and he would also make a real good rodeo horse.”

Namgis Barrel Horses

Barrel trainer, Lisa Anderson, has had Namgis Blond and Namgis Station in training for several months this spring and summer. They are both turned out right now and will be put back into work in the coming weeks. She has some very positive comments about their aptitude for barrels. Namgis Blond is “A very athletic mare, with plenty of speed and quickness. This mare is gritty and should make an outstanding rodeo horse. Not to mention she is beautiful.” She describes Namgis Station as “A quiet and willing gelding. Very smart; show him once and just let it sink in. This horse is kind and wants to please.”

Happy Fall Ya'll

In the coming months we look forward to getting the remaining horses back into work and seeing how they progress. We will also be welcoming back Boe Brown and are excited to have John Rothwell join the team. It is gearing up to be an exciting fall here at Namgis Quarter Horses. Hope you all are having a good one, too.


John Rothwell and Raymond Hollabaugh to join Team Namgis

Head Wrangler, Doug Schrutka and Executive Assistant, Lindsay Ahr will soon be joined by two new members of the team at Namgis Quarter Horses - John Rothwell and Raymond Hollabaugh.

Both men are 7X National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers and Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees.

PRCA calf roper, Boe Brown, will be returning this year as well.

A summary of the namgis Team follows:

Prior to joining the Namgis team in 2009, head wrangler Doug Schrutka grew up in the small South Texas town of Charlotte. From a ranching family, Doug began training rope horses at a young age and went on to participate in youth rodeos through high school. He then attended McNeese State University on a rodeo scholarship where he competed in calf and team roping before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Doug utilizes pressure resistance training in starting young horses. Combined with his gift of quiet hands this results in horses with a solid foundation that are quiet, trainable, soft, and good natured from the very beginning. Each Namgis two year old is started by Doug and has these traits thanks to Doug’s patient and effective training. He has trained and sold many top calf and team roping horses throughout his career.

Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame inductee John Rothwell is a horseman in every sense of the word. He was raised on the family ranch in Nebraska and went on to attend a Toots Mansfield roping school followed by Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX attaining a degree in Agricultural Business. During his college years he went to the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Finals and excelled in saddle bronc riding and steer wrestling. In John’s post college rodeo career he qualified for the National Finals Rodeo seven times; in 1974, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1985, and 1987. An extremely talented rider, he rode some exceptional horses during his career including 1985 PRCA Calf Horse of the Year, A.J. Other notable horses that John rode were Rabbit and Kirk, both of which took him to the NFR. We are happy to have someone of John’s skill level on the Namgis team.

Raymond Hollabaugh has had an exceptional calf roping career and is a member of the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. He has won 4 American Junior Rodeo Association Championships, 2 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association regional titles, and has been to the National Finals Rodeo 7 times. In addition he has achieved 10 circuit finals qualifications and 3 World’s Richest Roping titles. During this time Raymond has ridden, trained, and sold many top calf roping horses. His first NFR horse, Geesy, was an off the track Quarter Horse that went on to be the Calf Horse of the Year. Raymond also excels at teaching others what it takes to be a top roper. He moved to Stephenville, TX in 2002 to take a position as assistant Rodeo Coach at Tarleton State University. In his time there, both the boys and girls rodeo teams have won the National Championships and qualified eight times.

Boe Brown grew up training horses and roping on a ranch in South Dakota. Currently residing in Harrold, SD, Boe heads south in the winter to enter the Texas indoor rodeos. Namgis Quarter Horses is his home from December 1 through May while he starts the 3- and 4-year old colts in the roping. Boe set the arena record at the Crazy Horse Stampede in 2010 as well as taking the first round of Dodge City with a 7.9 second run on his way to earning over $20,000 in the PRCA World Tiedown Standings.

Lindsay Ahr is a graduate of Texas A&M University with an extensive background in the horse industry. Growing up Lindsay competed in local rodeos, horse judging, and worked as a wrangler for various summer horse camps. In college, she became interested in the sport of polo and began exercising and grooming polo ponies for players in College Station, Houston, and Austin while becoming a member of the TAMU Polo Club. At the same time she was introduced to the Quarter Horse industry through former AQHA President Jerry Windham. As an employee of Windham Ranch she worked nights delivering and gentling foals. As a result she became very interested in broodmare management and working with foals and weanlings. Currently Lindsay is active in the sport of polocrosse as well as foxhunting.


2nd Annual Namgis Premier Raises $25,000+ to fight Multiple Sclerosis

Shane Hanchey stepping off to be 7.76 seconds in the second round of the 2011 Namgis Invitational.

Roping fans once again descended on Hondo, Texas to get an up close view of tiedown ropers representing over 40 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifications and 3 World Championship Titles.

Shane Hanchey won the Bar G Feedyard Finals with a time of 7.59 on the way to winning the average with a 27.71 on three. Hanchey pocketed $7,600 for his performance that made him the 2011 Namgis Champion.

Hanchey wasn't the only winner. The Namgis is produced each year by the 501c(3) non-profit, South Texans Against Multiple Sclerosis (STAMSI) in an effort to raise funds for MS research and patient services. The 2011 event raised over $25,000!

Visit for more details.


Namgis Open House and Sale Horse Preview

Namgis D4: 2008 Buckskin Filly

Facility Tour and Sale Horse Preview

call (830) 741-3000 for catalogs
When: May 14, 2011
10:00am - Open House
3:00pm - Sale Horse Demonstrations
Where: Namgis Quarter Horses
5101 FM 462
Hondo, TX 78861

The Namgis Quarter Horses Facility in Hondo, TX will be opening its doors on Saturday, May 14th to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Namgis breeding program.

Stay for the demonstrations of Namgis 3- and 4-year old horses that are now available for private treaty purchases. Demonstrations will start at 3:00pm.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

  • 10:00am - 3:00pm Namgis Facility Open House
  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm Sale Horse Demonstrations
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm Calcutta for Namgis Invitational Roping


  • Catalogs are available.
  • 2-year olds are also available for demonstration if you call by May 12, 2011.
  • (830) 741 - 3000
Stay for the roping!

2nd Annual Namgis Premier set for May 15, 2011

Namgis Premier Tiedown Roping

a multiple sclerosis fundraiser
When:May 15, 2011 at 1:00pm
Where:Namgis Quarter Horses
5101 FM 462
Hondo, TX 78861
Why:Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser

The 2nd Annual Namgis Premier Tiedown Roping and MS Fundraiser is quickly approaching. We will host the event again this year at the Namgis Quarter Horses Facility in Hondo, TX.

Expect to see more roping from the best in the world. Last year ropers included World Champions Fred Whitfield, Monty Lewis, C.R. Bradley - NFR Qualifiers Justin Maass, Adam Grey, Tyson Durfey, Scott Kormos and many others.

The event is growing. Here is what is new for 2011:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

  • 10:00am - 3:00pm Namgis Facility Open House
  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm Sale Horse Demonstrations
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm Calcutta for Namgis Roping

Sunday, May 15, 2011

  • 8:30am - Gates Open
    Breakfast and Coffee served from 8:30am - 10:30am
  • 9:00am - 10:00am Cowboy Church
  • 10:00am From this point on, ticket required to enter gate
  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm Namgis Premier Tiedown Roping
More Details Regarding the Namgis Premier

2010 Namgis Premier Results and Information