Bucks Hancock Dude
  • 2008 AQHA All Around Performance Stallion
  • 2008 AQHA High Point Tiedown Calf Roping
  • 2007 National Rope Horse Futurity Champion
    Calf Roping Horse
  • 2007 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior
    Tiedown Calf Roping
  • AQHA Superior Tiedown Calf Roping
  • AQHA Superior Team Roping - Heeling
  • Halter Register of Merit
  • Open AQHA Champion
  • Open All Ages 2008 High Point Tie Down Roping
  • Three Time AQHA World Show Qualifier- Tie Down Roping and Heeling
  • 2008 High Point Stallion - Performance Halter
  • Winner of over $8,700 at the AQHA World Show
NRHFA and AQHA Champion Tiedown Calf Roping Horse - Bucks Hancock Dude

Bobby Lewis talks about Bucks Hancock Dude
"I like a horse that's a real quiet, patient horse, one that's real easy to be around, one that's real controllable," said AQHA Professional Horseman Bobby Lewis speaking about the ideal calf roping horse.

When asked about Dude he said, "That's just an extremely nice horse. He's a real quiet horse, a real easy horse to be around with an excellent disposition. We won quite a bit on him, because he hardly ever did anything to beat himself, you know in the show pen. He could have been at the rodeos and been just as successful. He scored excellent and ran right to the spot every time. He got you up there and got in the ground and went to pullin' 'em. Just a nice, nice horse. I was very fortunate to be able to ride him."
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The Champion
Bucks Hancock Dude captured the 2007 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Tiedown Calf Roping title while being trained and shown by Mr. Bobby Lewis. That same year Dude also won the National Roping Horse Futurity Association's Champion Calf Roping Horse title.

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