Stanley T. Sigman

Stanley T. Sigman - CEO of AT&T MobilityYes, Stan Sigman was the CEO of AT&T Mobility, the wireless unit of AT&T, Inc.

Mr. Sigman's career in the telecommunications industry began with Southwestern Bell Telephone where he was a stockman in Hereford, Texas, in 1965. His graduation from stockman to executive vice president at Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems to president and chief executive officer of southwestern Bell Mobile Systems in 1995 could be called an illustrious career. However, it continued. In 1999, Stan Sigman was named group president-SBC national operations and eventually joined Cingular Wireless as President and Chief Executive Officer. He then orchestrated the purchase of AT&T Wireless and formed the partnership with Steve Jobs and Apple that brought us the soon-to-be ubiquitous iPhone.

Through all this, after retiring as CEO of AT&T Mobility, Stan Sigman comically refers to his career as a distraction. Now, one cannot have that kind of success while being distracted. However, as we discussed his passion for his new project, his intention became clear. Stan Sigman was finally able to return to his roots.

The days leading up to that stockman position in '65 consumed much more of the conversation than did the days after. Mr. Sigman was born in Lubbock, Texas and obtained his B.S. in Business Administration from West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas, in 1970. And the country still burns in him deeply. The photo (right) of him with his son, Spicer, in 1971 is a fantastic reminder to him of those days.

It seems as though things have come full circle. Pictured below is Stan Sigman (in the background) with his grandson, Spicer Gripp Sigman. As Stan Sigman returns to his roots, those around him begin to enjoy the lifestyle he so readily returns his conversations toward. But, he has not given up his keen business sense nor his steadfast integrity that brought him success. Now, though, it's poured into a new project: Namgis Quarter Horses.

Namgis Quarter Horses is built upon memories of the days Stan spent roping as a youth in the Texas Panhandle with the goal of developing premium Calf Roping Horses and Barrel Racing Horses for the American Quarter Horse industry.

Namgis Quarter Horses also has a long-term goal: to enable quarter horse breeders to improve their breeding programs by utilizing Namgis mares. If you have been in the horse business long, you have heard of Leo. Leo was a nice stallion, but his daughters made him famous because they produced such a consistently high quality foal. They are known as Leo mares and they are proven producers - automatic money makers.

Stan Sigman

The time and research Stan Sigman dedicates to the acquisition of each and every mare to be crossed on his All-Around stallion, Bucks Hancock Dude, will ultimately result in the production of these kinds of mares: Proven producers. Automatic money makers. Namgis mares.

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