Namgis Rodeo Highlights - Emily Miller

Emily Miller has been on the road with her Namgis horses and has been having tons of success on Namgis D 56 Foxy! She has been winning titles all over the United States and has been so exciting to watch. So far in 2018 Emily has...

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Horses For Sale

Namgis D 92 Snazzy Namgis Beautiful Hero Namgis D 88 Namgis Running West SAM_1065

Namgis Quarter Horses is proud to be offering horses two years old and up for sale to the public. Each horse has a solid foundation through our training program and is ready to be your next performance horse.

Namgis Kiss My Hocks

Under the guidance of Stan Sigman, we are building the nicest band of performance horses in Texas.

We started with Bucks Hancock Dude and have paired his pedigree with the highest quality mares to create the Namgis bloodline - the next must have bloodline for high quality, versatile ranch and performance horses that will take you to the next level.

Welcome to Namgis Quarter Horses.